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The Drunken Botanist By Amy Stewart
by Amy Stewart

Haven't finished this one yet but I find it very interesting...not only does it give information about the history about favorite hard liquors and beers, but it gives some history of said items and of the plants that those spirits are derived from...being a plant lover I find it a fantastic book.

Gardening Indoors With Soil & Hydroponics
by George F. Van Patten

Packed with information about growing plants(hence the title!) and also includes some history about hydroponics...anyone interested in gardening or plants in general will find this worth their time.

The Art of Butterfly Gardening
by Mathew Tekulsky

So far so interesting book about what plants to have in your garden to attract butterflies...also describes different butterflies and their lifespans, full of beautiful photos of the plants and butterflies. If you like flower plants and butterflies, this will not disappoint.

Father Marquette and the Great Rivers
by August Derleth

A fascinating story about Father Marquette's journey in the New World, where he wanted to go and bring the Word of God to the different tribes, no matter what he had to sacrifice. It also tells of his journey of trying to find out where the Mississippi River goes, and the dangers he and those who were with him had to face. A book full of interesting information and history. Great for young readers!

The Last Star
by Rick Yancey

I didn't really care for this series. This book was not the best. The second book was so much better.

Danger In Plain Sight
by Marta Perry

Love her mysteries. Usually I can figure out mysteries half way through a book, but hers are tough. and I love her characters.

Two Nights
by Kathy Reichs

An introduction to two new characters; twins but not identical. Hope to see more of this pair?

The Flame Bearer
by Bernard Cornwell Saxon Chronicles

Finally finished this last book of the Saxon Chronicles! Lord Uhtred battles his way to Bebbanburg, to take over his lands, but it's not easy and even when the book is over, another story begins and so I can't wait 'til the next book in the series comes out!

Missing Mabel
by Nancy Mehl

Wonderful little mystery with humor story with God helping the characters through it all.

by Diana Gabaldon

Voyager is a unique book because it brings to light the relationships of some of the characters, such as Marsali and her husband. It also explains some of the other characters more completely.

Drums Of Autumn
by Diana Gabaldon

I loved this book! It was so neat to see the evolution of Jamie's character as he is introduced to his daughter, Brianna. It was also special to see Claire's satisfaction as a character now that she is reunited with Jamie.

Mermaid Tales Book 14
by debbie dadey

it was a great book my child loved it

All The Light We Cannot See
by Anthony Doerr - All The Light We Cannot See

This little girl she’s blind and lives with her dad in Paris and this book was taken a long time ago like for example World War I was a long time ago

the reckoning
by Jeff Long

whatever happened to Jeff Long? He wrote a few really well written books - year zero, the descent etc - and disappeared, much to my chagrin

Serendipity Books
by Stephen Cosgrove

This collection of stories about Serendipity and her friends was captivating. Reading aloud to my 5 year old daughter kept her intrigued and only wanting to read more. Each story (7 stories are in the collection) has great lessons and character building examples demonstraed in the animals.Great Read aloud for the whole family.
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