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Pre-K Reading Program

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May 25 - Jul 13

This program is designed for children age 0 to 4 to encourage life-long reading habits. Once you've earned enough points you'll receive a completion certificate you can print and share!


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by T.c. Edge

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I picked this up on my Kindle as an Amazon First Read after reading the first book in this series. Even with this being only the second book of a very large series which usually means that there are a few areas that are a bit dragged out, I can honestly say that I didn't feel that way too many times during this installment. There were enough new things revealed and still mysteries left unturned to continue reading this series which I hope to be able to do. I'm a big fan of Dystopian stories and this one doesn't disappoint.

Stella Bain
by Anita Shreve

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Thought I had read all of her books so was delighted to find this piece written during the WWI period and very interesting since it centered around the Shell Shock period and highlighted the new to medicine illness.

The World Beneath
by Rebecca Cantrell

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Very fun, fast paced, tantalizing thriller! The first in a unique series where the main character is an agoraphobic named Joe Tesla (Yes his great grandfather is none other than Nikola Tesla!) who lives in the subterranean world beneath New York City. A shocking thriller with break-neck pace! I couldn't put it down! Ready to go on to Book 2 in the series, The Tesla Legacy. I recommend this book to anyone who loves fast paced thrillers with a unique plot!

Muller Report
by Robert Mueller

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Well written, indicating significant scholarship. Volume 1 covers the investigation of Russian intrusion into our election and possible conspiracy with the csmpaign. There is insufficient evidence against the members of the campaign to prove conspiracy. Volume 2 exposes significant obstruction of justice by the President. Due to DOJ rules that sitting Presidents can't be indited, he wasnt.

The Quillan Games
by D. J. MacHale

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This book is an amazing, suspensful, and thrilling book you could probably ever find! It is part of one of the best book series you can find!

Holy Ghost John Sandford
by john sanford

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Not written in the same clear Sanford style. It seemed the reading slow going and considered discontinue reading several times. One of Sanford's to skip.

Twilight Series Books
by Stephenie Meyer

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then she remembers her life as a baby

Bug Zone Bug Hunters
by Barbara Taylor

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I’m Trying to Love Spiders is a cute book Full of Amazing Arachnid Facts cute pictures they out book as a Nana l enjoyed the book with my grandkids ??

Firebears The Rescue Team
by Rhonda Gowler Greene

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Cute rhyming book!

Stella Bain
by Anita Shreve

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I always enjoy books by Shreve. The time period was varied from her usual and gave another history flavor which I enjoyed. Explored the shell shock phenomenon frist described in WWI.
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