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Pre-K Reading Program

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Program Runs From MAY 25 Thru JULY 13

Remember to Log Your Minutes Before the End of JULY 13!!

This program is designed for children age 0 to 4 to encourage life-long reading habits. Once you've earned enough points you'll receive a completion certificate you can print and share!


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Book Reviews
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deep storm
by Lincoln Child

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best book he ever wrote

Arizona Highways Days Of Destiny
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I finished reading chapter 13 and it was about the lynching of nine people in Flagstaff in 1885.

Four A Divergent Collection
by Victoria Roth

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It was so cool to see Divergent in the perspective of Tobias. It really helped me understand what he went through, and why he is who he is. The story starts out with him right before his Transfer, his interaction with his father and how he deals with it. It shows how and why he chose Dauntless instead of Abnegation. The next part talks about Tobias's initiation and how he made it through. After that it goes through how Tobias choose his job. Finally the last section lines up with Divergent and is similar to it, told in his perspective as their trainer. It ends with three moments Tobias and Tris had that wheren't previously talked about in the book. Overall it was a great book. If you want to read it though, read it before or after Divergent. It makes more sense that way. Thanks for reading enjoy!

Storm Front John Sandford
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So far it has been interesting the way he keeps up with who he is lookiing for.

Stella Bain
by Anita Shreve

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Thought I had read all of her books so was delighted to find this piece written during the WWI period and very interesting since it centered around the Shell Shock period and highlighted the new to medicine illness.

Bug Zone Bug Hunters
by Barbara Taylor

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I’m Trying to Love Spiders is a cute book Full of Amazing Arachnid Facts cute pictures they out book as a Nana l enjoyed the book with my grandkids ??

Hitman Anders And The Meaning Of It All
by Jonas Jonasson Books

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This is a zany and irreverent novel but very entertaining and funny in places. Refers to the adventures of a defrocked woman priest (from Church of Sweden) a just released felon and a clever and unscrupulous "receptionist" and their unlikely good fortunes.

Bailey the bunny fairy animals of Misty wood
by Lily Small Fairy Animals

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This book is about a bunny that always tries to get rid of her hiccups and so Bailey and Pete are trying to get rid of her hiccups.

The Night Before Summer Vacation
by Natasha Wing Night Before Books

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We love The Night Before books!

Disney Storybook Collection
by The little mermaid

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And my favorite stories I love mermaids
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